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What's New with the Ubuntu Buddhist Remix?

Site online at 2:30 PM EST 3-16-09
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What's New with Ubuntu BR?

June 12 2009. Last two days I added links to Google and Yahoo site automatic translation to languages that I thought would make the site more easily accessed, and off site downloads at the downloads section and a couple of more links to the Buddhist Gateway.

June 10 2009. Andrew Krull is not so sure that he can do the Indra's Effect :'( I'm printing the teeshirts tomorrow for a fall bin on Saint Bonaventure Campus.

June 9 2009. We tried hosting all of the Gateway sites for download somewhere else (Gerontion), but it was unsuccessful due to uploading speeds he had experienced.

June 6 2009. If you are superstitious, my watch is seconds away from 3:33:03 and its 6-06-09...! :-/
Well, in any case, I put up a Buddhism Gateway on the home/about page last week due to the suggestion of Mr Joey Stanford, and thought tonight that an Artificial/Automatic Intelligence/Consciousness gateway would be nice too, so I put that up. I am an insomniac. Its early in the morning, and I'm on vacation. Mr Joey Stanford is back from Spain, but I'm at Lake George, NY, and hopefully tomorrow I will go para sailing. However, I need $30 more dollars to afford it! For shame!
I should have fun regardless. Odd thing is, the whole time I've been up at my aunts here with my family, has been a very long deja vu! Very odd!
Please check out the blog, if you've been visiting daily you've probably noticed I haven't updated this page in a while, but the blog has been semi-busy. There's a lot to get done before Gamma I / version 0.3.0. Help is needed.
I'm also thinking about posting more Buddhism links as long as they are -high quality- under the Buddhism Gateway. Rules are that the sites should contain reliable copies of the sutras in translated or native tongues. Right now the Buddhism Gateway, looks smaller than the AI gateway. I could always change the font size....

Jasballz -neither butso, tagatha, nor bodhisattva, just site-moderator and 21-year-old undergrad at Saint Bonaventures on Summer break

Tu April 26th 2009. I didn't get a huge tee-shirt response, only two gentleladies.
I still have to make them. Mr Joey Stanford is probably home now but I also have to buy
more dvdrs to write Gamma I. Unfortunately my Ubuntu has cracked since I updated to Karmic Koala.
Bad screen resolution :-(
But the library's good to go.
Please feel free to comment, etc, and plug. IDK whether or not to call this release Gamma or Yellow Hat or Kreamy Karma. (btw Ubuntu stole OUR name!!! it was live two years past).

Mr Jas - site moderator neither butso tagatha nor bodhisattva-

Wed April 13th 2009. Finished the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology essay on "Buddhist Approaches to Ecology". You can download it at the downloads page if you like. If you are critical, please be critical. If you are nice, please be nice. If you are neutral, please be neutral. I'm going to distribute it around campus along with getting some professional opinions. That means that Ubuntu Buddhist Remix is going to be featured at the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology!

Also fixing the name, Joey Stanford said "Buddha-Ubuntu" is a no-go, so I'm going to have to think creatively. Open to Kreamy Karma, Dapper Dhammapada, Yellow Robe and Yellow Hat pics/logos, also going to download usplash to revamp the remix, along with copyright issues of materials. Since this is not being distributed solely to a campus free use does not apply, however there are still sites with sutta libraries that are exhaustive that can be included due to their nature as public domain and since I'm emailing them.

Mr Jasballz -neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva, just 21-year-old trickster!-
Tue April 12th 2009. Fixed logos. Lots of things going on. Can't remember everything that is up.
Since we fixed the name/logo problems with Canonical I will probably print the two tee shirts for ads/photos, ASAP.
I am downloading Eclipse for CS classes, anybody know anything about Java/Python/Eclipse?
I'm basic.

What do you think about the name-change and logo-change forced by Canonical Ltd?
pollcode.com free polls

Jasballz -neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva, just 21-year-old trickster who happens to moderate this site!

tue 5-12-09. Been talking to Canonical Ltd, through intermediary Joey Stanford (who won't be able to mod the splashes of the LiveDVD gamma I or host until after Memorial Day due to a vAcA):
Hi Jas,

I talked with our trademarks person today.

We don't allow any distribution with the work "buntu" in it any longer.

What we do allow is something like Ubuntu Buddhist remix. Any "remixed" product should have the word remix in it if the product does not have too many changes from original Ubuntu. This then allows the project to use the name Ubuntu. However, the product cannot be commercial, but must be free.

So I will help you if you do a remix because that doesn't cause me any grief here at work. :-)

Here is the text again for a remix:

We recognise and encourage the concept of a “remix.” Remixes are derived versions of Ubuntu, and it is intended that any software and hardware certifications will apply to a Remix. Therefore the changes from the official Ubuntu product must be minimal to be permitted to use the Trademarks. These changes can include configuration changes through the existing Ubuntu configuration management tools, changes to artwork and graphical themes and some variance in package selection. In general, a Remix can have applications from the Ubuntu archives added, or default applications removed, but removing or changing any infrastructure components (e.g., shared libraries or desktop components) will result in changes too large for the resulting product to be called by a Trademark. Note that if the nature of the product's divergence from Ubuntu changes, the Remix naming and Trademark use may no longer apply.

Therefore, if you are creating a derivative of Ubuntu, you may use the Trademarks in association with the software product provided:

* the changes are minimal and unsubstantial, as described above *

there is no commercial intent associated with the new product *

the Trademark is used in a way that makes it clear that your project is a development effort related to the Ubuntu source, but that the software you are working upon is not in fact Ubuntu as distributed by the Ubuntu project. The approved naming scheme to facilitate this is through designation “Remix”. For instance, a new ISO image which has been packaged special tools for software developers could be called “Ubuntu, Developers Remix”, or an image was has been created with Thai language packs could be called "Ubuntu Thai Remix". Words such as "Edition" and "Version" should be avoided, as they have specific meaning within the Ubuntu project. Prefixes, such as “ThaiBuntu” should also be avoided. Any other naming scheme will require explicit permission. *

there is no suggestion (through words or appearance) that your project is approved, sponsored, or affiliated with Ubuntu or its related projects unless it has been approved by and is governed by the Ubuntu Community Council.

If you are producing a new product which is based on Ubuntu but which has more substantial changes than those described above as a Remix, you are allowed to state (and we would encourage you to do so) that your product is "derived from Ubuntu", "based on Ubuntu", or "a derivative of Ubuntu" but you may not use the Trademarks to refer to your product.

Considering all of this, and the direction we are heading, I think that I will remove all references to "distro" and "edition" in this site. I think that the name "Buddha-Ubuntu" adequately expresses the fact that "Buddha-Ubuntu" is an Ubuntu-derivative. Right now it is a remix, considering that it does not significantly modify the operation system. At a later time, once the user-adaptive features and neural network processing application towards bug-fixing are put in place; I think then we will declare our formal independence from Ubuntu as a remix, and declare it as an Ubuntu-derivative. Until that time, Buddha-Ubuntu is to be called an Ubuntu Linux Remix.
Moreover, the name "Buddha-Ubuntu" presently expresses "remix of Ubuntu" while leaving room for the future adaptation respective to user-adaptivity and "derivative of Ubuntu".
mr stanford got mr jas dvds yesterday. andrew krull is working on 'indra's effect' this summer at his leisure. i uploaded automatic consciousness by linguistic association algorithm for download at downloads. my shift button doesn't work.
mr jas found a neat site, dalai lama announces yellow hat linux when he found out that it was an april first fools day joke. he was about to talk to the dalai lama about working together!
in other news there is still a lot of work to be done and if you are interested in developing contact mr jas.
changed the buddha-ubuntu logo to something that isn't copyright-invalidating. will also change the tee shirts as appropriate.
Here is a nice link to Buddha Ubuntu Philosophy

Jasballz -site moderator is neither butso, tagatha, nor bodhisattva. Just 21-year-old trickster/site-moderator right now. [In front of computer presently.]-

Sat May 09 2009. Jas has mailed Joey Stanford 4 DVDs of this and that, but has found that really all of it fits on 4.4-4.7gb DVD (thinking putting it all in a LiveDVD), and a DVD for movies. Unfortunately all of my audio books disappeared. Due to i/o errors. So Mr. Jas may redownload them or not, basically you can if you want to they are over at various torrent sites. This makes getting all the copyright issues taken care of lots easier anyway. There is about 1.6gb of Suttas after comprehensive searching and downloading that Mr. Jas found and sent over to Joey Stanford. We have a new team member, Andrew, who will work on Indra's Effect. He's a compsci major down here at Saint Bonaventure; and he said that he would work for free! How nice!

If Joey Stanford has trouble Mr. Jas may just reb[o]rn one-two DVDs and remail them. Since Gamma I is fitting on one DVD its an easy matter of mailing them out and around for hosting, so let Mr Jas know if you want a free DVD. Mr. Jas is also thinking that if we change the logo to the one that people have been voting on, with a minor name-change that copyright issue will be fixed to. Issue? Non-issue.

Yesterday was Gautama Birthday Day, or Vesak.
From Wikipedia: Vesak is also known as बुद्ध पुर्णिमा/বুদ্ধ পূর্ণিমা Buddha Purnima or बुद्ध जयंती/বুদ্ধ জয়ন্তী Buddha Jayanti in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, 花祭 (Hanamatsuri) in Japan, 석카 탄신일 Seokka Tanshin-il in Korean, 佛誕 (Mandarin: Fódàn, Cantonese: Fātdàahn) in Chinese-speaking communities, Phật Đản in Vietnamese, Saga Dawa (sa ga zla ba) in Tibetan, Visak Bochéa in Khmer, วันวิสาขบูชา Visakah Puja (or Visakha Bucha) in Thai, Waisak in Indonesia, Vesak (Wesak) in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The equivalent festival in Laos is called Vixakha Bouxa and in Myanmar is called Ka-sone-la-pyae meaning “Fullmoon Day of Kasone” which is also the second month of the Myanmar Calendar.
How nice!
So happy Hanamatsuri! Mr Jas found Chinese, Pali, and Tibetan suttas, some in their original languages. He would like to find Japanese suttras.

Please also continue voting on the polls down below as your input is greatly needed/appreciated. As you like. Mr. Jas also recommends reading the blog entries specific to artificial intelligence/machine learning and plugging buddhabuntu.

There's lots to be done! May it be done thusly! Everything taken care of. Heart pumps. Lungs Breathe. Buddhabuntu Buddhabuntus.
(soon it may called something else for Canonical Ltd.)

[Buddhabuntu] is like [God]. Say it is anything
and it will be anything for you.
[Buddhabuntu] is dead? It is as dead
as a donkey carcass by the way
just for you.
[Buddhabuntu] is alive? It will be as
living as a jungle
or as a leaping deer for you.
Call it out
and it will be as named
existing before your mind
[as its cause].

This was some of conversation
Mr Jas had with mom.
Who said: "It is not like god
who is a thing."
Mr Jas said "It is love
if you want it to be."

Actually Mr. Jas was talking about Zen [Chan, dhyana, jana, or contemplation/meditation] but this is nice! How nice! Nice words! Say something nice! Do very good job at being wordy!
-bow to words and to you-
Jasballz -site moderator is neither butso, tagatha, nor bodhisattva. Just 21-year-old trickster/site-moderator right now. [In front of computer presently.]-

Wed May 6th 2009. Jas is busy collecting a comprehensive collection of sutras for Beta III/ Gamma I. He's separating the wheat from the chaff as far as copyrighted materials go and sticking the txts/htmls into a LiveDVD to send over to Joey Stanford for hosting at Launchpad.net/his website.

Jas says I need input on three things.
Windowmanager :-)
pollcode.com free polls

LiveDVD and MediaDVD :-)
pollcode.com free polls

and the poll in the post below! Thx! x-0

You can also download this slick background if you like:
Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Presently waiting on Joey Stanford. Present team members include but are not limited to: rainvoice, neo_the_user, jasballz, lyceum, Joey Stanford, Jacob Duchaine.

Jasballz -neither Butso, Tagatha, Nor Bodhisattva. Just 21-year-old trickster who moderates buddhabuntu home!

Th April 30th 2009. Jas says : Uploaded a Download site with the site-builder freeservers supplies--however the daemon likes to delete all the nice javascript Jas put on here and so he had to retype all of it! :'(
However, bad is good again, ie misfortune is relative, as it enabled him to accidentally discover a better layout for the buddhabuntu logo! :-) You will notice that the logo is centered and fits on the screen and there is also a logo all the way down at the bottom, which seems to be best. Feel free to goto the blog and leave your comments there.

Still looking 4 someone to purchase the ads off of this site...I may...soon....
It also looks like that daemon took off my marketing research questions!~ Things are taken care of! Well, I need to know if you would like this new logo to replace the "old one" or present logo on the top of the page:

Which one?
pollcode.com free polls

I recommend checking out the blog, the new Downloads section, and plugging buddhabuntu everywhere for good kamma and getting involved.

Jasballz -site moderator, and neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva, just 21-year-old trickster

Mo April 27th Again, plz check out the Blog. We need seeders for the Library DVDs torrent Duchaine's hosting as that is the main emphasis on Buddhabuntu. I got some articles for Beta III on Buddhist Approaches to Ecology, so start downloading/seeding!

Jasballz -site moderator and neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva, just 21-year-old trickster!

Tu April 21st. The Blog has been pretty busy--so check that out. The final release of Buddhabuntu Ubuntu Linux will be called "V1.0.0 Kreamy Karma", followed by "V2.0.0 Dapper Dhammapada", "V3.0.0 Yellow Robe"; these names originated off of another distro blog site, from user Pegwole on Dec 18th 2006. More name suggestions are more than welcome. I also suggest breathing, eating, sleeping, defecating, and urinating. To add to that, there is the practice of doing.............Jas is drawing a blank..........Hrm.......Ooh! Ooh!.......Scratches monkey-head.......Ooh! Ooh!........Jas....says.....that Buddhabuntu (LiveDVD) is right now Beta I, Library is Beta I+II expansion. Waiting on Lyceum's stuff and my Beta III Library expansion for the Beta II release due Friday April 24th. Beta II consists of typing "sudo update-manager -d" in Beta I terminal to get Jaunty Jackolope Stable version. Buddhabuntu presently runs KDE windowmanager with GNOME and FLUXBOX options.

BTW Fluxbox is very zen/stripped down--I think that is why White Wind Zen Community uses it. If you haven't listened to "The Zen of Ubuntu" please do.

Buddhabuntu Beta III System LiveDVD is going to be analagous to Alpha IV, wherein AlphaIV==BetaI. So Beta III, which will include some modifications by rainvoice and whomever else (17169041291 jas' cell / jcraymond01@yahoo.com / raymonjc@sbu.edu / admin@buddhabuntu.8m.net) modifications == Gamma I. After Gamma III I think we'll do final release of Buddhabuntu V 1.0.0 Kreamy Karma and include Gamma II library (remember the Library numbers are one ahead of the System's, please!). Also I ...the library...Buddhabuntu...[Ooh! Ooh!]..Jas can't remember again.

Jas says Buddhabuntu Kreamy Karma (V1.0.0) will also include the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology essay and articles on "Buddhist Approaches to Ecology" that will include the voices of a Tibetan Buddhist professor at Saint Bonaventure, a Zen Monk from Kyoto, and a Theravadan Bhikkhu from Thailand.

I will probably b...So Beta II is due Friday, the 24th. Gamma I will come after that, and may have the Yale Essay in that, as well--as Jas may get right on top of that! It just depends on a number of persons timetables. Jas would like to release Buddhabuntu V1.0.0 / Kreamy Karma sometime in May or June. Latest would be the end of June, we're playing it by ear--hear!


Jasballz -neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva, just a 21-year-old trickster who happens to moderate Buddhabuntu Home

Mo April 20th. Addressing thou Bhikkhus--Jasballz lifts up his eyes--looks thee straight into thine eyeballs--and opens his mouth: "Hearest thou, me, Jas. Jas says thusly,

'I have heard that if you plug Buddhabuntu everywhere in this present life that your next life will be a pleasant one--and that plugging this neo-Ashokan Pillar across this present time and place--this present Universe, will present to you in the next life 1 000 Butsos and Bodhisattvas to aid thee in thine practice.
If thou wouldst like to know how to plug Buddhabuntu; please visit thou the homepage, wherein resides at the "BLOG" how to properly follow the format of plugging Buddhabuntu. In the cases where this format is not followed- birth in a hell-realm is assured; but when it is followed--thine birth is most assuredly secured in either a Pure Land, as a Jealous God, Deva, or Human. If you plug Buddhabuntu 100 times across this present time, present universe, present place, and in thine present form, you may be assured of present nibbana, and that thine will become One Thus Gone."

So said the sitting young man, Jas, who is neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva--just a 21-year-old trickster who got caught up in the BUDDHABUNTU Dhamma wheel as, hopefully, so do you!

Whats New? Gud question. Jas says: this Wednesday maybe sitting with Zen Monk from Kyoto, Kyuhai John Sojun Godfrey, and tea afterwards--just MAYBE-- and maybe also with Dr Richard Reilly and Thomas Krampf. But Jas doesn't know! What Jas does know is that Jacob Duchaine visited this site at January 1 2002 and started hosting Buddhabuntu Library 7 years ago! Auspicious! Jas has heard from Duchaine--that he found a monkey--cloud to sit on and float off, off and away! All the way to Jan 1 2002! To host!
Well then!

Here is his magical time-traveling link--! Since he started seeding all the way back in 2002 speed should be no problem! If it is, well then, start seeding already!!

Thx! -Bows-
Jasballz -just Buddhabuntu site moderator, neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva--just 21 - year - old trickster who hopes that Harvard or Rutgers will give him an honorary degree so he doesn't feel so bad that St. Bonaventure University may flunk him for flunking Special Education!! May things be as they need! May it be thusly! Everything taken care of; heart beats, lungs breathe, mind thinks, buddhabuntu buddhabuntus, Jas Jas's, KAATZ!

Fri April 17th 2009. I had crazy night last night! LOL! If you care too, my profile at Y! is pretty interesting!
Anyway, because I'm sure that you don't care! Oh! Jas says thusly: "Buddhabuntu...." What? Jas forgot? "Buddhabuntu........." What, Jas no remember? Jas is tired....Oh yes! "Buddhabuntu needs people to fill out the surveys on the frontpage for marketing research and to know in what direction to be heading, otherwise--this Dhamma Wheel will just keep on rolling, with no direction at all!"

Thank you very much.

Jasballz -site moderator and also very tired. Jas remembers what he has to say: "Neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva! Just a 21-year-old trickster!" Jas would also like to add if anyone cares to know: "Jas isn't Christian. Jas, Not Moslem either. Jas, not Jew. Jas, not a god. Jas not atheist. Jas not agnostic. Jas is jas. no one beside jas, no one, right here by him. Just jas; maybe '-I AM- like Y-U"? Maybe not. Jas also wonders if he is Buddhist and when people will hop on the BUDDHABUNTU band wagon--if ever." Ok!
namaste, gassho, domoarigatso.

Thu April 16th 2009. I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.
Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.
Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.


I need a cute/attractive girls take a picture of themselves with "BUDDHABUNTU" logo for "BUDDHABUNTU" Promotion. Creative, but appropriate ideas are welcome. The best submission will be featured on http://buddhabuntu.8m.net as a main advertisement. Submission of the said picture rescinds your creative ownership. Ideas like: Wearing BUDDHABUNTU tee-shirts. Things like that. Winner may be also awarded $$ if you think that's appropriate, but its up to you!
Maybe like this:

Please use this logo in your presentation, submit to jcraymond01@yahoo.com or admin@buddhabuntu.8m.net:

Maybe peace signs or something! I will provide the tee-shirts; just txt me at 17169041291 USA CELL your address and I will mail it or something, if you can't do it yourself.--UPDATE MAY 12th 2009--due to talk with CANONICAL LTD the original BUDDHA-UBUNTU logo for tees will not be used, instead it will be the image that you see above.

You may do w/e you like as long as its appropriate--say peace signs or stuff like that. Nothing crude or disrespectful.

Specifically for mainstreaming BUDDHABUNTU LINUX, nothing else!

If you reside, or are near Saint Bonaventure University, I will put up a bin with tee-shirts sometime in April or the end of May. Hopefully you can help yourself!
FYI: If you think this is silly, retarded, stupid, or perverted, let JASBALLZ know! Oh! Gassho. domoarigatso

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFireDownload UBER BIG 3000x3000 BUDUNTU LOGO FOR TEES

Duchaine -finally- uploaded a torrent! He posted over at the blog if you'd like to hear from him! Unfortunately his SkyDrive has had problems (demanding--oh! to split Buddhabuntu into many, many 50 mb parts) so.. He uploaded a torrent. Any ideas about hosting are welcome here. I had uploaded a bit at Megashares, but now that the Beta I LiveDVD is uploaded as a torrent, we need a good seeding base, and no worries. Also I briefed y'all on the proper format for a Buddhabuntu Plug in the "What's New"; if you'd like to tell your friends about BUDDHABUNTU Linux, or your associates, or your enemies. Its right there. Everything is taken care of. Heart beats. Lungs breathe. Mind thinks. Buddhabuntu buddhabuntus.

Beta I LiveDVD Torrent

Oh, FYI this torrent is only the LiveDVD--Duchaine has yet to upload the Media Library. (Jasballz was wondering why it was only 1.6gb! He thot: Amazing compression! Oh! Jasballz thinks!)

Jasballz is also still looking for anybody to help. And for BUDDHIST APPROACHES TO ECOLOGY resources. He asked his professor to write a nice essay about it and thinks that he will--Dr. Richard Reilly Tibetan Buddhist, Sensei.
He's good at writing complex things. Jasballz can, but might rather not. So maybe the Dr can write something very amazing! And Jasballz may write something very simple. You may preview it at zenguide.com / Discussion Forum / Jasballz Post: "Her body." Its near the bottom. Jasballz was watching mud, and saw the interdependence of all things, and thinks that may be a good starting point, other than KUNDUN's scene where Buddhists remove every worm from a irrigation ditch building site.
As for Jasballz--he likes flies!

Jasballz -site moderator is neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva--just a 21-year-old trickster!-

Wed April 15th 2009. Yale's FORUM ON RELIGION AND ECOLOGY is more than happy to feature BUDDHABUNTU in a number of news/articles. To those ends, Jasballz will write for them a summary of BUDDHIST APPROACHES TO ECOLOGY for summary and include it along with a number of other formative articles in the BETA III Library expansion release. As you may have -- or not!--caught on--the BUDDHABUNTU Library Expansions are one number ahead of the system, as the system remains Beta I, and Duchaine is publishing Beta I LiveDVD and Beta I+II expansion Media Library. Expect this Beta III expansion to compliment the release of LiveDVD Beta II on April 24th.

May your practice liberate all beings,

Jasballz -site moderator and neither Butso, Tagatha nor Bodhisattva. Just a 21-year-old trickster!

Wed April 15th 2009: Working out issues of trademarks with Canonical Ltd. You may download the present email conversation transcript that I'm having with the wonderful! Michelle Surtees-Myers here! It will be as it is!
I also brought to her attention http://www.ubuntume.com/. For shame! these Moslems have modified the Ubuntu logo and name....well then! In any case, Michelle Surtees-Myers will get on this! May the Christians restore their wonderful! Jesus-Fish to their logo again!
Jasballz -site moderator, neither Butso, Tagatha, nor Bodhisattva; just a 21-year-old trickster!

Tu April 14th 2009: It sure is nice to not have to worry about accessing the internet from my mobile now that Easter Break is over! So I was thinking about leaving this project to take care of itself--or be taken care of by you. Once I leave it; you will know. Other than that, I will probably come back in order to put the finishing touches on it; which will include the machine-learning and natural language processing aspects. I would like for Buddhabuntu to go through Kappa after Beta III, Beta II is due Apr 24th, which is when Lyceum's wallpapers and logos will be attached. Due to my Saint Bonaventure email acct being completely full I haven't heard from Canonical Ltd, about the present logo, tho it should be no problem. Duchaine is working on uploading the DVD Isos presently, he said it will take a couple of days and once he's uploaded them will post Beta I direct download links from his SkyDrive. I also am going to meet Professor Richard Reilly today, though I don't really see a cause to use my laptop as an FTP host now...Im interested to see how he would like to help...

Yesterday I attained to absolutely nothing at all--good on me!--here I was, in front of my fone, and did not even realize I was even there! around 11pm EST. So that's nice, though completely useless. My sensei wasn't even a Butso, Tagatha nor Bodhisattva, just a conman named Chontri over at Zenguide.com. Those guys are so supportive too...I haven't gotten one visitor to this site from over there!

Hopefully this insane ammount of useless books and media on butsos, tagathas, and bodhisattvas can help wake you up! But probably not. Now that I've abandoned these books: and I do not know where they have gone!--all I carry with me now is my no one-finger-standing-up.

So, Rainvoice will be able to dev in May and June.

Jasballz -site moderator-
Th April 9th 2009: Mailed 3 DVDs of BUDDHABUNTU BETA (LiveDVD + Media Library Beta I+II Expansion) to Duchaine, priority. He should get them Saturday. Plz check out the blog for more details. Also uploaded new poll for copyright research to be done b4 final release or Beta III release (April 24th), so that we can strip the DVDS to maybe 1 LiveDVD by compression, etc, and then remove the copyright -law breaking- materials offline if they are deemed appropriately so recognized.
Please participate in devving and read April 7th's Brief.

domoarigatso, namaste and gassho

jasballz -site moderator-

Tuesday April 7th: Found a nice site on the philosophy of Buddha-Ubuntu. This will be included in the final release--analagous to the Ubuntu PDFS that come with their LiveCDs regarding their philosohpy etc, along with White Wind Zen Community's Discussion of "The Zen of Ubuntu".

I'm mailing Duchaine the DVDS today, I will probably include what I have so far for the Beta II Library expansion (display-dhammapada.deb, some zen u-kigo paintings, jokusho kwongs' breath sweeps mind, osho's Hyakujo, the Everest of Zen, and Kyozan, A true Man of Zen audio books, some Pure Land htmls, a Zazen guide, along with a lot more e-books from NorthShare / Buddhanet.net on varied Buddhist sects, gengi motonari movie and kung fu lotus and sword legacy of zen princess documentary on a shaolin temple.

I'm going to ask Duchaine to post not just as isos but maybe as directories for selective downloading. I would like someone to research copyright laws regarding all the materials once online. Then there's the fact of FTP hosting by my laptop prolly l8r on this month after I conference with Dr. Richard Reilly at Bonaventure. domoarigatso
namaste and gassho
Jasballz -site moderator-

Monday April 6th 2009: Duchaine said that he'd host the files. We're working out the details as to how I may transmit the two Beta I DVD isos to him, probably by mail. Also on April 13th I will discuss with Dr Richard Reilly at Bonaventure (a Tibetan Buddhist) his faculty sponsorship. He also wants to get involved. IDK what he'd like to do, but w/e! He wrote a wonderful book called The Ethics of Compassion which compares Christian and Buddhist ethics in the context of the last 100 years of more recent ethical philosophy and propounds the necessity of compassion.Its a must-read!--this is a shameless plug, IK, but I am grateful to his teachings (dzogchen and Philosophy of Buddhism class). I wanted to include it in the Buddhabuntu Library but until I or he contact his publishers there will be copyright issues

Also uploaded site visitor world map (where ppl who visit are from).
So with his sponsorship I should be able to host my laptop as FTP, and with Duchaine, we should have Beta I available on his SkyDrive. Also will try to upload some more of the System DVD of Beta I to megashares.

Still looking for someone to buy the ads of this site for 2$ a month, sponsorship at Google, and ppl to plug Buddhabuntu in magazines like WIRED or LINUX or e magazines like ZNET or CNET, etc, so please plug everywhere.
domoarigatso. BTW we need ppl to help, because the selling point is IBM PML and complearn interfacing /useradaptiveness, so if anybody knows anything about neural nets other than me, please feel free to assist or contact me at raymonjc@sbu.edu.
I've tried "bzr commit" in terminal to upload to launchpad.net/buduntu but am having troubles. Help there would be appreciated too, any Bodhisattvas out there? ;-)
domoarigatso, namaste (be blessed), and gassho,

Jasballz -site moderator-

Friday April 3rd 2009: A Thervadan Buddhist pointed out the lack of things included regarding his sect. To do: find more Thervadan Pdfs and audiobooks.

Wed April 1st 2009: Buddhabuntu Beta I is live! April Fools! --I just couldn't resist. No, today I'm here at the University until 10PM EST so I should upload a couple of more gigs to megashares.com of Beta I LiveDVD. Lyceum's working on some new logos/wallpaper for Beta II which will be released on April 24th, and should include packages that neo_the_user developed regarding compiz and a more expansive library and sect-specific themes. If not, Beta III will include these new features. In May or June rain will be able to start on this and do w/e he's planning on. The compiz effect poll is live today. IDK how I would dev that but if I feel like it I'll give it a shot by modding compiz source in c#, but I'm not so good at C or openGL and have only programmed c# for GBA. Also will test logos via poll and/or marketing test once Lyceum's done with his work. Beta II is due Apr 24th. Beta I should be live this week or next. I did another alternate logo:

Jasballz -site moderator-

Tue March 31st 2009: Having trouble with upload speeds to Megashares.com. For some reason when Im uploading it freezes all other Firefox windows so I will have to mark out a time to upload. Hopefully by the end of this week beta I LiveDVD is live. Still looking for upload suggestions.
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Mo March 30th 2009: Uploading to Megashares.com. The Beta I LiveDVD should be available for download today or tommorrow.
Then I will upload the AudioDVD

The first 1GB is here.

Friday March 27th 2009: Working at launchpad/buduntu and getting ssh. Hopefully behind ssh I can host the files. Did a tibetan version of Buddhabuntu logo. I don't know if "tibetuntu" would be a better name or not.

Did a new 'zenbuntu' logo. Check out the blog.

Not live right now due to repartitioning. Im trying to virtualize three os's. VMWare and Sun Java's Virtual box will be included in Buddhabuntu Beta I. Dropbox will not start. Buddhistslax.iso-couldn't find the scriptural study tools
dmizer--a moderator at ubuntu forums has suggested that ftping, apache, and dropbox all will fail behind closed ports but torrent seeding and launchbox will work. so i will upload the project to launchbox whenever. i uploaded beta 1 torrent to /myfiles. please seed and comment on ability to download.
Tried torrenting / seeding to peer moderator dmizer. Failed.
Jasballz -site moderator-
Th March 26th 2009. Continual frustration with vsftpd and proftpd. Portforwarding at my University is a female dog. Uhhhh, irc users at ubuntu irc channel reccommend apache or dropbox. I don't care as long as Beta I is live. My IP address is in Blog and I have proftpd running and I can login ftp localhost but I dont think other can. Many frowns. Jasballz -site moderator-

Wed. March 25th 2009. FTP went live at 1242 EST today. My ip is . Should be able to connect using terminal / "sudo ftp _my_ip_address_" Choose a user login say user1 pword developers.
Trying to see if there isn't a way to remain live and or encrypt to remain live at university ISP.
Jasballz -site moderator

Tue March 24th 2009. Should have my Laptop serving as FTP for download today or tommorrow. Working on Beta I distro LiveDVD and package, checking out alternate window managers--kde and fluxbox. Jasballz -site moderator-

Tue March 24th 2009. Uploaded Youtube demonstration video. Jasballz -site moderator-

 Mo Mar 23

Working on uploading Alpha 3 onto MediaFire as Demonoid presented problems of seeding due to portforwarding. Will post link once I've got System DVD uploaded. Alpha 3 is a set of 3 DVDs totalling around 8gb, Media, Media II and System Disks. Media and Media II contain audio books, music and video while System contains apps, the LiveCD (named customdistro.iso) pdfs, txts, htms, system user library including user icons and backgrounds and a neat lil readme with ASCII art. The Live CD is an iso remastersys generated for me of my Jaunty Jackalope I was running before I formatted my linux partition. In usr/share/backgrounds there are some backgrounds and it should have a nice debian library of apps including wine and the ability to play mp3s and such. I haven't installed it as I need to drop by Walmart and buy some DVD+Rs, but when I overburned a CD-RW it seemed to work. So give me input. Thinking about free mail like Ubuntu.com either threeDVD package or just system DVD. Either free of charge or ship/handling. Looking for donations via paypal. Seeding Alpha 3 torrent and uploading 7zd DVDs on Mediafire.

Jasballz -site moderator-

Thr Mar 19
<strikethru>Uploaded torrent for Buddhabuntu Alpha 2 Live CD to Demonoid. PLEASE SEED!</strikethru>

Stopped seeding Alpha 2. Now seeding Alpha 3 Package. at Demonoid and /myfiles/alpha3 PLEASE SEED!

Working on compressing and uploading Buddhabuntu LiveDVD Alpha2 Distribution. Working on a universally buddhist logo and converting the present logo to specefically "zenbuntu".

And worked on nice new bg.

Uploaded buddhabuntu distro alpha 1, a library of apps, media, ebooks and audiobooks for buddhabuntu. Buddhabuntu base right now is the Linux LiveCD for Buddhist Studies found here:http://thanhsiang.org/faqing/node/86 


But once I get to it Ill redistro Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and distribute Alpha 2

You can download Alpha 1 in /My Files login admin@buddhabuntu.8m.net pword: developers

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