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Ubuntu Buddhist Remix History:

The History or Story Behind the Ubuntu Buddhist Remix

It all started on top of a lofty mountain, a magical place full of Zen Masters and enlightened Boddhisvattas, a place where the cherry blossoms are always ripe, smelling of sweet, soft perfume and the cool wind blows gently. A place full of light and sound, outside of samsara, ubuntuforums.com

Over in that magical Pure Land, on December 2nd 2007, the legendary Seisen started the Dharma Wheel rolling, some had names like Bubuntu, but strictly_serious suggested, Buddhabuntu. Two years later, in March 2009, a bunch of regular guys were caught up in that wheel and the Buddhabuntu Distro Alpha 1 was rolled out!

From wikipedia.org:

Buddhabuntu is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It is tailored for Buddhist users and includes Buddhist Scriptural study tools. It is notable because Buddhabuntu follows recent trends in linux-based distros (specefically Ubuntu) to be religiously-oriented, like Ubuntu Christian Edition and Ubuntu Muslim Edition. Its origin derived from a felt need in the Ubuntu community to develop a Buddhist-oriented distribution of Ubuntu that paralleled, matched, or outperformed its respective cousin distros. A Linux-Live CD for Buddhist Studies has already been made available by the Linux Live CD for Buddhist Studies/International School of Buddhism; however Buddhabuntu is unique in that it promises to take the said CD and enhance it to a more Americanized and mainstreamed flavor, promising unique and cutting edge software such as an User-Adaptive Operating System, that will be based on existing debian packages related to machine learning. It is notable in its user adaptive in that not only does it reflect current American trends towards the Buddhist religion, but promises to deliver an Ubuntu-based distribution that can learn from use. Considering also how Buddhabuntu derives itself from a tradition of open-source software and operating systems, it proves to be an interesting watershed in religiously-oriented Ubuntu distros with its unique emphasis on machine learning and emphasis upon artificial intelligence. This is particularly poignant considering its logo, "linux for enlightened beings".

Moreover, not only is its source open and a multipersonal work, but also its main webpage is also opensourced to developers, following trends started by sites like wikipedia.org.

Check out the blog for new developments!


Jasballz -site moderator-

Ubuntu Buddhist Remix: Ubuntu Linux for Buddhists is dependent upon the interpersonal involvement of a countless number of people in order to attain full realization as it needs to be! Both BUDDHABUNTU and this webpage is completely free, and open-sourced.

Ubuntu Buddhist Remix stands as a neo-Ashokan pillar for the 21st Century Information Age and is an extension/manifestation of the Dhamma wheel set rolling by Śākyamuni Gautama Butso around 400 BCE

Everything is taken care of. Heart beats. Lungs breathe. Mind thinks. Ubuntu-Buddha Ubuntu-Buddhas.

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